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Edge Delta

During my time at Edge Delta, I acted as Creative Director and supported the Go-To-Market team by building out and leading an in-house team of artists, designers, and videographers.

Our team conducted extensive competitive research and focused on developing a brand whose voice, tone, and visual identity would stand out in the marketplace, choosing a “World of Science” theme and space exploration analogies as storytelling tools to clearly and enthusiastically communicate the value that our highly-technical observability solution provides. We dubbed our brand persona "The Enthusiastic Educator," adopting a tone akin to a celebrity astronomer or a charismatic professor who addressed their audience with excitement, enthusiasm, expertise, and humility, helping them understand something new that was technical and complex in a down-to-earth way.

Our biggest project was redesigning, rebuilding, and launching a new marketing website from the ground up, paying special attention to performance, accessibility, scalability, and content management, as well as top-of-funnel lead generation and search engine optimization. The previous iteration of the website we replaced had poor search engine optimization and no content management capabilities, requiring developer intervention to make and deploy simple content updates.

In addition to the website, I directed and collaborated with my team to produce numerous print and digital assets, video content, and other promotional pieces for both internal and external consumption.

Creative Director
April 2022 – October 2023
Brand, Web Development & Design, Video, Print